Green Goose

GREEN GOOSE is a registered trademark of WEGA GmbH and is manufactured under verified humanitarian and ecological conditions. WEGA GmbH is headquartered in Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria and has been developing highend jackets and fashion coats for women since 1951.

The innovative Green Goose technology.
GREEN GOOSE creates a new awareness of functional and trendy jacket and coat fashion, for that no animal has to suffer. What’s behind GREEN GOOSE is no secret. On the contrary, we even like to reveal it.

Flake instead of down.
A super-soft polyester microfiber flock-filling replaces the down. It consists of a mix of shorter and longer corrugated filaments. In contrast to conventional paddings an additional air cushion is created in this way. Thus, the microfiber down creates a similar structure and thermal performance as a 90/10 down filling. The filling warms when wet and does not clump.

The result: A perfect heat balance for an ideal body climate – breathable and odour-resistant.

Vegan and friendly.
For GREEN GOOSE, no animal has to suffer. Because down plucking from life stock and mass animal husbandry are not an issue in the production – so, not only vegans are looking forward to a 100% animal-friendly product. Even allergic people can take a deep breath, because they wear a purely synthetic, anti-allergenic favorite piece on their body.

Easy-care and robust.
When it comes to care, GREEN GOOSE is not squeamish. All jackets are machine washable, fast drying and therefore uncomplicated – for easy care at the highest level.

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